A downloadable game for Windows

first time ever doing a game like this, couldn't make it fair for the enemies kinda, maybe if i learn how to actually do this type of game i`ll update with what i wanted in it

also sorry for just some sounds that maybe scare you and no music, i don't know how to do any

wasd/zqsd (depends on version) to move

arrow keys to attack

E to interact

Q to switch attack mode (remember this, you'll know when to use)

tab to open stats menu


Lost 2 MB
LostF 2 MB


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Nice game, the artworks are nice too! 

An unusual control system is used though, usually most of the game goes with ASDW keypad for movement, so i had some trouble getting used to it, otherwise the game is totally fine 👏🏻👏🏻

I couldn't fix the movement for the other and i think I can't anymore, it needed it to be this other keyboard layout because of the game jam